Silicone weathering adhesive

Silicone weathering adhesive
Silicone weathering adhesive

Product Features

1, excellent flame retardant performance in case of fire is not combustion, no spontaneous combustion.

2, neutral curing, suitable for most building materials without adverse reactions or corrosion.

3, with excellent adhesion, and most of the building materials without primer to obtain excellent adhesive sealing performance.

4, after curing has excellent weather resistance, anti-aging, UV resistance, ozone resistance and high temperature performance.

5, silicone weathering rubber has good elasticity and resistance to deformation and deformation capacity.

The main purpose

1, all kinds of fire doors and windows of the adhesive seal, curtain wall engineering flame retardant seal.

2, all kinds of glass doors and windows installed flame-retardant seal.

Construction summary

1, can not be used for structural bonding assembly.

2, does not apply to all oozing grease, plasticizers or solvents on the surface.

3, should not be used for sealing the space or directly to the surface of food or drinking water.

4, the substrate surface temperature below 4 ℃ or more than 40 ℃ not suitable for construction.

5, should not be bonded with copper or copper alloy material.

Safety instructions

1, sealant construction site should pay special attention to maintain a good ventilation environment.

2, such as eyes inadvertently exposed uncured adhesive, should promptly use plenty of water to clean and seek help from a doctor.

3 users in the use of this product, the contact material should be carried out to describe the compatibility and adhesion test to confirm the construction before the operation.

4, the company is responsible for the performance of the product properly stored and used within the validity period, if the product does not meet the quality requirements, the user can exchange or return, in addition, the company does not undertake any other direct or indirect liability loss.

Storage period

Store in a cool dry place below 27 ℃ storage, storage period of 9 months.

Standards compliant

B GF 20HM GB / T 14683-2003 GB / T4068-1996