Take you to know the real glue

What is the real glue? Today to take everyone to find out. It is also a high-grade decoration products for the filling of the gap, but it is thicker than the United States sealant, waterproof better, especially for the toilet along the wash basin along the toilet along the gap, along the bathtub, the kitchen wash Dish along the gap, can effectively waterproof, anti-pollution. Product Description: Zhuo high Zhenzhu plastic is a two-component US sealant and plastic mud upgrade products, imported epoxy curing agent and high-grade paint refined, soluble in water, a new environmentally friendly, non-toxic and tasteless. Zhenzhu plastic is a set of repair, waterproof, caulking, sealing, strong adhesion in one of the United States beautiful seam products, home repair, property installation, engineering and maintenance of effective assistant, in our daily life occupies an important place Bit.

Scope: You can completely replace the traditional plastic clay, plastic glass, hard materials (stone, concrete, glass, ceramics, etc.) on the cracks and damaged parts of the repair; metal parts cracks, leakage of permanent repair; can be installed bathtub , Wash basin, wash basin, sealed windows, wall stickers, adhesive baseboard, etc., the use of a very wide range. Features: (1) health and environmental protection. Use of materials green, soluble in water, different from the traditional silica gel, plastic glass, the human body without any harm;

(2) high-intensity bright and clean. Really glue out of the sticky oily paste, the surface after curing is very hard and wear resistant, and has a bright luster;

(3) durable. Real porcelain glue cured hard texture, waterproof, leakproof, mold, acid and alkali, anti-stress, anti-aging, once in use, can be effective waterproof mildew does not change color;

(4) beautiful colors. True porcelain glue has 16 colors, rich colors, bright colors, to meet the needs of consumers decoration.

Product Specifications: 310ml / bottle, plastic tube packaging, 16 colors

Brilliant colors: Porcelain glue has 16 colors, rich and varied, suitable for different materials and decoration needs.

Dosage Reference: The amount of reference to the United States sealant, according to the actual situation discretional increase or decrease. Because of the quality of genuine porcelain glue, so the price is slightly higher than the average US seams, the user can selectively use according to their economic strength, the best use of the kitchen bathroom.