Porcelain plastic market conditions

Zhenzhuo plastic Description:

Zhenzhu plastic is a caulking agent, single component of the United States sealant replacement products, thorough solve the caulking agent, water-based US joint agent defects, so porcelain

Bricks bright as porcelain, never dirty black. At the same time with the construction of simple features, is very conducive to the popularization of product promotion. Zhenzhu plastic composition:

Zhenzhu plastic is a variety of polymers (mainly refers to epoxy resin) and high-grade paint refined. Products from A,

Part B


The scope of application of real glue:

Mainly used for ceramic tiles, mosaics, stone, wood, glass, aluminum panels and other materials of the gap decoration. Zhenzhu plastic brand and major manufacturers:

Remark Germany high and low (Guangzhou) Building Materials Co., Ltd. Waterproof, tile adhesive, caulking agent, putty Guangzhou Brilliant Building Materials Co., Ltd. Zhongshan City, Zhuo really Zhenzhu plastic, the United States sealant Zhongshan Electric brand OEM (OEM) (Shanghai) Building Materials Co., Ltd. waterproof, tile adhesive, caulking agent, putty Shanghai West Casika (China) Co., Ltd. Waterproof, tile adhesive, caulking agent, floor material Suzhou Zhenci plastic market conditions : From the initial white cement caulking to caulking agent to water-based single-group United States sealant until the real glue, though after several stages, but its history less than ten years, is still part of the market growth period. This is because with the trend of more and more high-end decoration, but with the glass tiles, ceramic tiles, marble tiles, bricks and other high-grade brick popular, Zhenzhu plastic market ushered in the development. This is because these high-grade bricks must make a beautiful seam to show the overall decorative effect.

Currently Zhenzhai plastic in the north and first and second tier cities are relatively mature, the southern market and the third and fourth markets are relatively less cognition, is in a high-growth period! Porcelain plastic relative to the advantages of sealant: the traditional sealant or colored sealant pointing, the construction will be very short time will appear: the yellow seam black hair dirty, black brick will breed bacteria, moldy, etc. . True porcelain glue to solve the caulking agent and the single component of the United States sealant product defects, so porcelain tiles bright as porcelain, never dirty black! After the glue is solidified on the ceramic tile, it will form a smooth clean surface such as porcelain, which is wear-resistant, water-proof, oil-proof and non-staining. It has excellent self-cleaning property and is not easy to dirt and dirt. Zhenzhu plastic construction methods:

1, must use a dedicated glue gun. 2, after the colloidal mixture tube came out, the first out of a short (30 cm) discarded after construction that can be used instead of plastic. 3, Exceed the usable time (about 20 minutes later), the unused colloid will slowly solidify in the mixing tube, which is not easy to be squeezed. For example, the squeeze will cause damage to the glue gun. If you want to continue using it, you need Replace the new mixing tube. 4, unused glue, can be gradually cured together with the mixing tube to be preserved for the next time you want to use, and then replace the new mixing tube can continue to use. Matters needing attention: Tile surface to smooth the gap, clean, no oil, no powder, impurities, such as cement completely cured and dry before use.