Foam filler principle

Foam filler principle is:

1, Equipment: There are two kinds of commonly used equipment in production. Models were German Heineken machine equipment., Italy Kang Long equipment. At present, the business department is using Hengnei machine equipment. Kangron equipment (see photo) Foaming composition: 1. White material black material 2. Equipment 3. Mold 4. Fixture 5. Heating furnace 6. Black and white material filling 7. Heat Water unit 8. Pressure gauge 9 black and white material pipe 10. Black and white material control irrigation cabinet 11. Control Panel 12. Control Panel Buttons: 1. There are two commonly used foam: a. White (polyol). b. black material (hydrogen acetate): 1.1.1, white material (polyol): can only be mixed with black material to foam into foam. Form: liquid. Color: light yellow to yellow. Odor: light ammonia flavor. Freezing point: -15 ℃. Initial Peng point 135 ℃. White temperature water tank temperature between 10-60 ℃. White transition tank temperature set between 18-40 ℃. White temperature: 22 ℃ 1.1.2 ,: Black material (BHT) can only be mixed with black material to foam into foam. Form: liquid. Color: brown. Smell: soil taste. Auto-ignition temperature: 500 ℃ above. Steam pressure: 1 mbar (20 ° C) 12 mbar (50 ° C). Starting point: "500 ℃ pour point: -24 ℃. Density: 1.2 g / cm3 (20 ° C). Viscosity: 300MPAS (20 ℃) ​​Flash point: 250 ℃. Black material: 22 ℃ 2, pressure gauges gauge specifications: YQY-07 car nitrogen pressure: 6 ~ 8Par black and white material filling pressure: 2-4 Par compressed air pressure: 6-8 Par Section II preparation before foaming Second, Equipment operating procedures (A), check before starting 1. Check N2 pressure compliance Nitrogen pressure 6-8bar, black and white material tank> 2bar, <> 2. Check compressed air pressure 6-8 bar. 3. Check hydraulic station oil level, triplet oil level is higher than 2/3. 4. Check the pipe fittings, connectors loose, the connection bolts are solid and reliable. 5. Black and white material lubrication of dioctyl grease level is normal, black and white material level indicator indicates normal. 6 trolley operating area and there is no debris inside the tunnel. 7. Each fixture emergency stop press, press the first reset. 8. Check the fixture operating mechanism is normal. (B), power-on steps 1. Open the repository power, the reset button is pressed, check the photoelectric and travel switches in each area is easy to use. Switch the switch to manual, manually check the motor and the car is working well, check the good before turning to automatic. 2. Open the size of the main power fixture, the fixture reset. To calibrate the origin, calibrate the origin of the car and gun tip (turn the switch on and turn the manual key switch on and in the 1 position). 3. Clamp gun manual operation check normal, before turning to automatic state. 4. Set the model and code of the refrigerator produced in the OP27 at the left and right fixtures and check whether there is any change in the positions (boxing, unloading, filling the gun head 1 and filling the gun head 2) , To change back to the original set value. 5. The fixture transferred to automatic, the car automatically run, check the library set OP27 panel to see if the information transfer is in place. Inspect whether there is original memory signal in the drying tunnel or not, and some should reset the track box manually! 6. Turn the mold heater on and set the temperature to 45-50 ° C. 7. Turn the foaming machine on the power, start the agitator, pump, check the oil pressure gauge indicates 200bar, start the material pump. 8. Check ALARM alarm information, black and white material tank water cooling unit set to 8-10 ℃ summer, winter set to 18 ℃ -20 ℃. 9 foaming machine open observation of low pressure circulation pressure, if there is no abnormal, high pressure circulation check the gun head, black material, white material pressure 120-140bar, and the pressure must be adjusted the same.

2 10. Adjust the gun head pressure, manual sampling, check the material and foam density, to ensure the quality can be converted to fully automatic production. Power-on flow chart attached (c), shutdown steps 1. Confirm all the boxes all flow to the next process, the equipment are back to the origin, switch automatically to the manual position. 2. Press the stop button, turn off the control cabinet power and the gas source. (D), Matters needing attention 1. Before the first shot, to check the mechanical structure of the gun head, hit the high pressure cycle, check the pressure is 120-140bar, the pressure is the same before sampling production. 2. Do not enter the area with warning signs and the operation area of ​​the trolley freely, especially the automatic condition of the equipment. 3. Turn off the foaming machine for the first off the pump, pump and stirrer. 4. To adjust the mold or in the class must be manually driven test to confirm the correctness of the various parts before the fixture can be automatically produced. 5. Focus on the maintenance of the pipette tip, clean the pipette tip with dioctylmer every two hours, clean the foaming material in each pipette class once a week, clean the foaming platform every week, clean the foam material and other debris.

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