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The status quo of building structural glue at home and abroad

As the rise of energy-saving building projects, the use of more plastic building block mainly to silicone sealants, silicone sealants are silicone adhesives, its strong adhesion, good toughness, but also suitable for natural weather Changes will not happen qualitative change, to achieve the bonding needs of most construction industries, back to the days of new material as a benchmark for the adhesive, began in 1977, the adhesive industry can be said that the old bacon, science popularization at home and abroad silicone sealant status quo.

Currently the gap between the quality of plastic products is relatively large. Sealant production enterprises can be broadly divided into two categories: one is the early start of the production of plastic companies, especially rubber engineering enterprises, the reputation is quite good, its technology, personnel, equipment, and foreign large sealant companies are almost the same, Product production, product quality control are strictly controlled, there is basically no major issue of product quality, only in research and development capabilities also need to be strengthened. The other is a new small business that has been spawned in recent years. Due to the low threshold of sealant industry, resulting in the opening of these enterprises to low-quality personnel, do not have the technical skills, so the product quality is very low.

For plastic products, the brand has become increasingly more and more consumers choose the standard, especially in major construction projects with particular emphasis on the brand. Own construction project has gone through rigorous procedures such as land audit, building approval and so on. Major construction is more cautious on all aspects of the requirements, so the selection and use of sealant are also strictly required to avoid quality risks. The practice has proved that the quality of big brands can really meet a series of requirements.

Compared with foreign products, domestic sealant in the case of technology and quality, more with the price and geographical advantages, its development prospects. Domestic sealant core competitiveness in addition to low prices, technology and foreign products, small differences, but also benefit from geographical advantages. As we all know, China's construction projects are generally crowned with "tight schedule, heavy task" hat, so inexpensive, technical clearance, but also timely delivery of the product is willing to use the project. Imports of plastic supply generally involves the import cycle and transport cycle, but domestic but can guarantee the timely supply of plastic, domestic construction projects are more willing to use domestic plastic. Although many foreign products are also localized now, they do not have obvious advantages.

Due to the overall low quality of domestic sealant enterprises, domestic sealant industry is bound to pay more attention to brand operation. Today, first-line brand has been committed to product quality control and after-sales service improvement, many small and medium brands have begun to enable automated production lines. This also shows from the side of sealant production continues to rise, the market space. Vigorously advocate the building of energy-saving buildings today, especially the insulating glass of high-quality sealant demand is also increasing, which for the sealant industry is a very big opportunity, great prospects for development. Therefore, whether large or small and medium-sized enterprises, we must strengthen product quality control, training high-quality scientific research and technical personnel, good brand, so as to seize the opportunity.

Whether a business is good, strong, brand is the key! Word of mouth is the accumulation of the brand, the brand is the sublimation of word of mouth. Back to the days of new material - began in 1977 specializing in the development of adhesives and new materials production, national high-tech enterprise groups, with strong research and development strength and the world's leading production technology, focus on plastic, plastic industry, new materials, adhesives , Plastic, cyanoacrylate, new energy plastic, new chemical materials, industrial plastic, electronic plastic, plastic packaging, plastic water treatment, rail traffic plastic, automotive plastic, plastic and many other aviation industry to provide you with professional, systematic and efficient Application solution. Building structural adhesive , East Hao produced, will be fine!

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