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Silicone weathering adhesive application

Silicone Weathering Glue is a generic name for silicone sealant used for seam sealing between curtain wall panels. It can be used for sealing doors and windows as well as airports, highways, other roads and bridges. Silicone sealant in the performance and functionality of silicone weather sealant basically the same, in the case of small changes in climate can refer to the performance of weathering adhesive, combined with the actual glue seam to use.

Silicone sealants are one-component silicone sealants that are similar to ointments that solidify into a tough, rubbery solid material upon exposure to moisture in the air. Silicone glass adhesive bonding strength, tensile strength, but also has weatherability, vibration resistance, and moisture, anti-odor and adapt to changes in hot and cold characteristics. Silicone adhesive does not flow because of its own weight, so it can be used for over-seams or sidewall seams without sagging, slump or run-off. It is mainly used for dry cleaning of metal, glass, most non-greasy wood, silicone resin, vulcanized silicone, ceramic, natural and synthetic fibers, and many paint plastic surfaces.

Silicone structural adhesive is a one-component, neutral cure designed for the structural bonding of architectural curtain walls. Mainly used to withstand the strong bonding of structural parts.