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What is silicone weathering adhesive?

Silicone Weathering Glue is a sealant that has been tested for accelerated weathering by artificial weathering without significant changes in physical and chemical properties. When using the squeezing glue gun from the plastic squeeze into the need to seal the seams, sealants absorb moisture in the air at room temperature. Has excellent weather resistance, high temperature performance, excellent adhesion, and other neutral silicone rubber has good compatibility.

Weather-resistant seals for various glass curtain walls; Weathertight sealing roof construction seams for metal (aluminum), enamel curtain walls

A variety of other uses

Glass glue is a variety of glass and other substrates for bonding and sealing materials. Divided into two main categories:

Silicone rubber and polyurethane glue (PU

). Silicone rubber sealant - that is, we usually say that the plastic glass, and sub-acidic and neutral two (neutral glue is divided into: stone sealant, mold sealant, fire sealant, pipe sealant and so on.

Glass plastic by performance is divided into two types: neutral glass and acid glass adhesive. Generally used for home improvement bonding. Home improvement in the general use of glass plastic place: the back of the wood line dumb mouth, sanitary ware, toilet, bathroom mirror, sink and wall gap, etc., where the use of different properties of plastic glass. Neutral glass adhesive adhesion is relatively weak, generally used in the bathroom mirror these do not need a strong adhesive back of the place. Neutral glass glue used in home improvement more, mainly because it will not corrode objects, and acidic glass glue generally used in the back of the wood line dumb mouth, strong adhesion.

2. Application areas

Weatherability glue for a variety of glass curtain wall weathering seal; for metal (aluminum), enamel curtain wall weathering seal; for concrete, metal and other seam seal; roof construction seams; other uses. Glass glue furniture manufacturing industry: bonded mercury lenses, aluminum edge, handle, crystal plate, marble, sheet adhesive, etc .; 2, decoration industry: bonding fixed a variety of wood, gantry lines, plaster line, floor tiles , The various decorative pendant and a variety of wall panels and so on; 3, the exhibition industry: bonding fixed all kinds of calligraphy and painting, signs, acrylic, Zhan Gui production and so on. 4, cabinet door industry: bonding crystal plate. This product is used to fix the materials, wood, gypsum board, metal, mirror, glass, plastic, rubber, skirting board, blinds, sills, windowsills, boundary pillars, pillars, junction boxes, all kinds of artificial materials, ornamental stones, On concrete, brick, stucco, wall and chipboard.