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Introduction to building structure glue

Building structural adhesive is defined as: a variety of buildings, structures and components, to be reinforced, reinforced, repaired, bonded, with a high bonding strength and good overall performance of the new plastic species may be Call it building adhesive. In the construction of the building, compared to the traditional connection reinforcement method has many advantages:

① synthetic resin adhesive bonding, reinforcement of components, than the average riveting, welding uniform force, the material will not produce stress concentration phenomenon, making it more fatigue-resistant, in particular, to better ensure the integrity of the components and improve resistance Crack, while the integrity of a certain extent, the bearing capacity of components and stability;

② structural adhesives can be different nature of the building materials firmly bonded, but also traditional materials can not be compared;

③ The use of adhesive construction, process is simple, can greatly shorten the construction period, often 1 to 2 days or less time can be completed, especially in some of the firmware reinforcement, you can repair and reinforce some of the traditional methods can not be reinforced components; for a Some important military projects, emergency repair and reinforcement of transport facilities, emergency handling in disasters is of great significance;

④ structure of the adhesive has good physical and mechanical properties, the strength of the structure itself greatly exceeds the strength of concrete; bonding performance is also very good, water, media, anti-aging performance, to meet various requirements; in the construction can be Improve efficiency, reduce costs and save energy;

⑤ building structural plastic in the new composite building materials and various functional building materials plays an important role; ⑥ structural plastic is widely used in environmental protection, reduce pollution and recycling of resources and recycling.

This many advantages make the construction adhesive has been developed rapidly at home and abroad.

2 adhesive classification

2.1 by application classification

(1) steel reinforcement plastic

According to the design requirements of the bonded steel plate to reinforce the plastic components. The tower has a glue and plastic infusion points. This type of glue has a high bond strength, good construction performance and anti-aging properties. They are the main varieties of structural glue at home and abroad.

(2) fiber and composite reinforcement plastic

Fibers or composites are used as reinforcements to reinforce reinforcements and to stick new reinforcements to the members being reinforced. They have a bottom glue, repair glue and glue a variety of different functional varieties. In terms of carbon fiber materials, there are carbon fiber adhesive cloth, carbon fiber and carbon fiber prestressed adhesive board and so on, and has good bonding properties, process performance, etc., is a long history of new plastic species, the amount of Constantly increase.

(3) anchorage anchorage glue

Such plastic seeds have been gradually listed separately from the reinforced rubber Oh, become one of the important structural plastic varieties. Mainly used to anchor steel, bolts and other components, to carry the load. They have better anchorage strength. Different types of plastic packaging: barreled, injection tube and glass tube installed, they have good construction performance.

(4) other places with plastic

There are many places of application of structural adhesive: such as repair glue, adhesive glue now construction, plugging, hanging dry, special decoration with plastic.