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Development of a new type of special architectural adhesive

Author: Teng lock Source: "science communication" 2014 03

Abstract With the continuous development of the application in all fields of national economy, the demand for new type polymer materials is increasing day by day, putting forward higher requirements on the performance of special structural adhesive. In order to meet the needs of the market, we in accordance with the requirements of a company in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, timely development and development of a special structural plastic.

Key words special construction; structural glue; principle; design

CLC number TU7 Document code A Article ID 1674-6708 (2013) 108-0156-02

1 reaction principle

Epoxy groups in the epoxy resin contained in the structural adhesive are reacted with active hydrogen on the amine groups contained in the curing agent.

Typical structure is: ≈CH2-CH-CH2-NH ≈ OH

2 formula design

2.1 Selection of raw materials

Epoxy resin (618/0164), epoxy diluent, modified curing agent as the main raw materials, epoxy resin (618/0164) made of potting materials with excellent mechanical properties , Chemical resistance. Use epoxy diluent, give the product fluidity, easy to operate. Selection of modified curing agent products with low toxicity, good flexibility and so on. Followed by a reasonable choice of additives, after repeated comparative tests, to determine the choice of curing agent standards and origin, the structural adhesive with specific properties. Through the above selection of raw materials, so that special structural plastic has a good overall performance.

2.2 formula to determine:

2.2.1 Determination of raw material ratio

The epoxy resin (618/0164), epoxy diluent, modified curing agent ratio test. Through the results of multiple batches of experiments, and optimized combination, the final determination of the raw material ratio.