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Structural adhesive use and requirements - Tung Ho professional structural plastic manufacturers

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Structural adhesive use and requirements

(1) The structural glue shall be applied in a special plastic injection room, requiring that the plastic injection room be clean and dust-free, no fire and ventilation, the indoor temperature should be controlled at 23 ± 5 ℃ and the relative temperature controlled at 70 ± 5%.

Plastic injection operator must accept specialized business training, and passed the actual assessment of the operation, before the permit operation.

It is strictly forbidden to use outdated structural silicone sealant. It is strictly forbidden to use the structural silicone sealant which has passed the relevant tests such as compatibility test, butterflies test and all inspection parameters.

(B) plastic injection at the clean

In strict accordance with the standards, design drawings and process requirements, the use of cleaning agents, cleaning cloth, protective tape and other auxiliary materials.

For substrate cleaning at plastic injection, a mixed solvent of 50% isopropanol and 50% water is commonly used for non-oily contaminants; xylene solvents are commonly used for oily contaminants.

Cleaning cloth should be clean, soft, non-hair removal of white or primary color cotton cloth may not be dipped into the container containing detergent to avoid causing the entire solvent pollution.

Cleaning, the use of "two rub" process for cleaning, cleaning, the clean part will never allow contact with hands or other sources of pollution, or to be cleaned again. After cleaning the substrate requirements must be within 15-30 minutes for injection, or to conduct a second cleaning.

(C) structural adhesive plastic

Two-component silicone structural adhesive should be used a special two-component silicone glue machine for glue, glue, should be in accordance with the instructions of the plastic machine to play the glue machine, adjust the glue nozzle, and then press the required Mixing ratio Two-component sealant mixed thoroughly.

In order to control the mixing of the sealant, the butterfly sample and the plastic cup should be pulled out of the sample during each mixing process to check the mixture of the sealant in time and make the on-duty recording.

Butterfly test is to test the structural adhesive is fully mixed, structural adhesive color uniform, fully mixed to plastic injection. In the whole process of mixing the butterfly specimen number record.

Plastic cup test is used to check the mixing ratio of two-component sealant base and curing agent.

(D) structural plastic injection

Note the structure of plastic must be mechanical injection plastic, plastic injection should be carried out in order to drain away the plastic injection gap air; injection gun nozzle should be inserted into the appropriate depth, so that plastic continuous, uniform, full injection into the gap , Air bubbles are not allowed; pressure should be adjusted at the joints to ensure there is sufficient sealant.

In the plastic injection process should pay attention to observe the color change of sealant to determine the sealant mixing ratio changes, once the sealant mixing ratio changes should be immediately shut down for maintenance, and should change the part of the gel cut off, make up Qualified sealant.

After the plastic injection to squeegee flat, scraping off the excess sealant, and trimming its exposed surface, the surface smooth, no air bubbles in the seam.

Injecting into the plastic injection should be promptly recorded.

After injection of finished glass components should be sampled for the rubber peeling test to test the bonding firmness and degree of curing.